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  • Decoding Ashwagandha 1.0 | Ashwagandha Benefits | Ashwagandha Uses

    Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful adaptogens which help maintain the body’s cortisol (stress hormone). Adaptogens are herbal plants that work to 'adapt' the body’s ability to deal with physical or mental stressors.

  • Decoding Arjuna Heart Elixir | Arjun Chaal Benefits | How to Consume Arjuna Heart Elixir

    Sātmya Arjuna Heart Elixir features the goodness of dried arjuna bark or arjun chaal, dried ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and fennel seeds.

  • Masterclass with Salila X Satmya on ‘Dinacharya Daily Rituals: Essential Ayurveda Rituals for Self Care'

     90 Minutes Masterclass on ‘Dinacharya Daily Rituals: Essential Ayurveda Rituals for Self Care' with Salila X Satmya

    Our Moringa Spice Powder has seen a great response from you all and we thank you for the constant love and support. We have compiled all the information about Moringa here, including the ways to use our Sātmya jars. 
  • Speaking With Salila: An Ayurveda Healer and TEDx Speaker

    There are five simple herbs that we can use this flu season to help build our immunity. They are- Tulsi, Dry Ginger (Shunti), Ajwain (Carom Seeds), Pepper, and Pippali (Long Pepper). 
  • Summer Joy: Beat The Heat With These Healthy Drinks

    Summer is a magical time for our body and as per Ayurveda, it offers us an opportunity to balance our doshas by making simple lifestyle and dietary changes. This summer, let us stock our kitchen ad life with healthy drink choices to cool our body and soul. 

  • Herbal Tea Gift Box: Sample Our Bestselling Tisanes 

    The Herbal Tea Gift Box box comes with two samples of each of our four tisanes. Each sample is wrapped in our handmade muslin potlis. The muslin poltis are reusable and made carefully at our farm by our eco-conscious team members. 
  • Gulkand | Gulkand Recipes | Gulkand Benefits

    Gulkand is our summer specialty that is made in small batches throughout the season. It is made from our farm-grown pink damask rose petals that are sun-baked and mixed with organic khand, raw forest honey, and digestive spices such as fennel and cardamom. 
  • Herbal Home Cures for Kids

    Having a healthy immune system is the key to a happy and flourishing childhood. And in time such as these, we often find ourselves turning back to natural and home cures that are safe, tried and tested and passed down from generations. Here are a few things that you can try to save you a trip to the pediatrician and controlling the symptoms before it gets worse.
  • All about Triphala and its Benefits


    When it comes to herbal remedies, Triphala is nature’s best treatment to various ailments.

    The Sanskrit word Triphala literally translates to “three fruits”. It is this powerful blend of three fruits that makes Triphala truly the divine elixir for human health.

  • Shatavari: The "Queen" of Ayurvedic Herbs

    Shatavari is a staple Ayurvedic herb known for its numerous health benefits. It is famous as the "Queen of Ayurvedic Herbs" as she is the more cooling, feminine counterpart to Ashwagandha. In Sanskrit, Shatavari means "one hundred roots," pointing to its varied medicinal and therapeutic uses. 
  • Gifting With Sātmya

    Diwali, for us, is an extension of the very meaning of ‘Sātmya’- wholesome and grounding ourselves in nature. It is a simple thought to find you a gift that comes from the hands of local artisans across India who stitch your potlis, block print and handcraft your candles and from women who tirelessly work on our farm to grow, shade dry the products and hand make your jars. It is the pursuit to curate a sustainable and handcrafted gift that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.  It is everything Sātmya stands for and believes in.

    Our festive gift boxes are a gentle reminder to focus on health and wellness- of yourself and your loved ones.