Decoding Mint Ginger Lemon Squash | Refreshing Summer Drink | All Natural, No Preservatives Summer Drink

Jarring sunshine into a bottle for you all to enjoy and heal with, this season!

Dear Sātmya family,

Summer is right around the corner and as such, it is the right time to bring you this blog on our summer favourite drink- our Mint Ginger Lemon Squash, or as most people call it, mint lemonade. The Mint Ginger Lemon Squash is the only squash that we make at Sātmya farm and is a great alternative to the processed drinks at the market. 

How do we make Sātmya Mint Ginger Lemon Squash? | Mint Ginger Lemonade Mix 

The squash like all our farm offerings is a work of labour taking 2-3 days to make a batch. We start with the ginger, cooking it, adding lemon, unrefined sugar (khand) and cooked mint to then sun ferment it for 2 days to give you the delicious bottle you’ve grown to love so much. 

It has no preservatives and zero processed sugar, making it a healthy summer drink. The sun fermentation also allows for a long shelf life, with no need of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

What are the benefits of Sātmya Mint Ginger Lemon Squash? 

Our homemade squash is an excellent source of Vitamin C and antioxidants — thus making it the perfect alternative to the carbonated and sugary drinks for adults and kids alike!

The vitamin C helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, while aiding weight management (that helps lower the pressure on your heart), whilst the antioxidants help relax and prevent plaque formation in the arteries. 

With farm-grown ingredients, Ginger and Lemons boast of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, whereas Mint (Pudina) is a great digestive aid!

🫚 Ginger helps preserve the skin's natural collagen

🌿 Mint helps relieve any gastric distress such as bloating and indigestion

🍋 Lemon balances the pH levels of your body — whilst altogether boosting brain function too!

How to consume our Sātmya Mint Ginger Lemon Squash?| Making the Best Lemonade 


🍋The Mint Ginger Lemon Squash is a concentrate and all you need to do is add water or soda to 2-3 tablespoons of the squash. 

🍋In summer, you can use chilled water and ice and alternatively, use warm water in winters. 

🍋The squash can also be added to your cocktails or mocktails. 

🍋It is an absolute favourite of kids and can replace store-bought lemonade or sugary drinks. 

🍋The spice mix jar that goes complimentary with it has a tangy spicy flavour and can be added to the squash AND also other drinks like buttermilk, curries, snacks - whatever your heart desires. 

Note: You can add more or less squash concentrate depending on your taste. 

Recipes Using Sātmya Mint Ginger Lemon Squash | Refreshing and Healthy Summer Drink

Refreshing Lemonade 


Jamun Lemonade Popsicle 


Gulkand Lemonade


Questions About Sātmya Mint Ginger Lemon Squash Answered 


Does the Mint Ginger Lemon Squash use any sugar?
No, we do not use any refined sugar. We add desi khandsari that is made by the farmer, without any chemicals. 

Do we add any preservatives?
No. This is a pure concentrate of ginger, lemon, mint and khandsari. It is sun fermented and has a shelf life of 3 months in the fridge (once opened). 

Is it child-friendly?
Absolutely. Kids love this drink! 

How many glasses does it make?
It can easily make 15-20 glasses, but it also depends on your taste and how strong you want it. 

Client Diaries | Mint Ginger Lemon Squash




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