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Dear Sātmya family, 

Whenever someone asks us to recommend something for indigestion, bloating or acidity, we suggest our favourite Digestive Churan. For those who have tried this traditional remedy, the benefits are well-known. 

What is Digestive Churan?

Our Indian kitchens are treasure troves of knowledge, filled with knacks and remedies that have been passed through generations. And one such remedy that is heavily popular in India is the digestive churan. With a medley of over a dozen herbs and spices the Satmya Digestive Churan is a magical remedy for all your tummy woes. 

Our Sātmya Digestive Churan is made from herbs such as fennel, cumin, black pepper, cloves, dry ginger, black salt, peppermint, moti elaichi, asafoetida, ajwain, lemon salt, and haritaki. These spices are grounded freshly in small batches on our farm, making it delicious to both smell and taste.

Benefits of Digestive Churan 

Our Digestive Churan helps take care of: 

  • Gas
  • Acidity
  • Flatulence
  • Indigestion
  • Motion sickness (for kids)
  • IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) 
  • Heartburn that may come after a heavy meal, different cuisines or travel diaries. 

Every ingredient in the churan has been selected based on Ayurvedic recipes that helps to ease tummy problems. Fennel helps to reduce bloating and gas. Cumin boosts the activity enzymes in our digestive system. Black pepper is effective in aiding the absorption of nutrients. Clove can alleviate stomach discomfort. Dry ginger is helpful for dealing with indigestion and nausea. Black salt can help relieve heartburn as well as promote digestion. Peppermint is known for its ability to soothe the digestive tract. Moti elaichi or black cardamom is used as an appetizer. Asafoetida can be used to control bloating and gas formation in the stomach. Ajwain helps in the treatment of flatulence and indigestion. Lemon salt has a neutralizing effect.

How to Consume Digestive Churan?

Have a quarter teaspoon with or without water after a heavy meal or when you have worry tummy symptoms. Can even give a pinch to kids with water when needed. For mild IBS take half an hour before your meals as per our ayurveda doctors. 

It is a post meal digestive churan (a powder of herbs and spices) takes care of all your tummy woes so you can enjoy all kinds of food without having to ever worry about it again

Note: Our churan is very strong, hence, we recommend to first start with a pinch or two before adding more. 

Questions answered about Digestive Churan

Q: Can it be consumed daily?

A: Yes. You can have it in small quantities on a daily basis. But, we also recommend take breaks from it and seeking your doctor's advice. Regular consumption can help maintain healthy digestion, but it's important to monitor your body's response and adjust as needed.

Q: What is the best time to consume Digestive Churan?

A: The best time to consume Digestive Churan is after meals. It can be taken directly or mixed with warm water. 

Q: Can Digestive Churan be used during pregnancy?

A: Pregnant women should consult their doctors before consuming. 

Q: Can children consume Digestive Churan?

A: Yes, children can consume Digestive Churan, but in smaller doses. 

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