Healthy and Refreshing Thandai Mix | Nuts & Seeds Superfood Mix

Dear Sātmya family, 

With Holi right around the corner, we welcome you to indulge in the sweet aroma of hand-roasted and hand-pounded nuts in our Thandai Mix

How do we make the Thandai Mix at Sātmya? 

A superfood blend of eleven ingredients with organic rose petals, carefully hand picked to provide the full family wholesome nutrition and a powerhouse of energy. This 'spoonful of superfoods' jar contains mineral-rich essential nuts such as Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, Muskmelon Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, paired with the goodness of digestive herbs and cooling seeds such as White Poppy Seeds, Rose Petals, Fennel, Cardamom, Saffron, mildly sweetened with Mishri (natural sugar, recommended in Ayurveda). These nuts and seeds are dry roasted, hand-pound and packed with love without any preservatives.

Our Thandai Mix is absolutely fresh, all natural and homemade in small batches weekly to preserve its utmost nutrition value.

Note: We also have an unsweetened variant here (select the unsweetened version on the dropdown when placing your order).

Health Benefits of Thandai Mix: Nuts & Superfood Mix 

⭐️Our Thandai Mix is a rich source of minerals like calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. All these nutrients contribute to bone health, strengthen your bones and improve their mineral density as well.

⭐️Inside our Thandai Mix jar, we have got mineral-rich essential nuts such as Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, Muskmelon Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, paired with the goodness of digestive herbs and cooling seeds such as White Poppy Seeds, Rose Petals, Fennel, Cardamom and Saffron. Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for various bodily processes, such as blood sugar control. 

⭐️They're a fantastic source of antioxidants that build up in cell membranes in your body, protecting your cells from oxidative damage.

⭐️Despite being an energy-dense superfood, nuts & seeds are one of the most weight-loss-friendly foods, as they are all rich in fibre and protein, both of which increase feelings of fullness and help you eat less.

How To Consume Our Thandai Mix: Nuts & Superfood Mix?

Our Thandai Mix is a delicious staple addition to your family’s routine. Nuts and seeds have several health benefits and are recommended to be had throughout the year by children and adults alike, as they are great at boosting immunity, fighting diseases and enhancing their wellbeing.

⭐️ Blend 2 tsp’s in A2 milk/almond milk to make a refreshing ‘thandai’ summer cooler or add to your favourite smoothie. 

⭐ ️Sprinkle the thandai mix on meals for a boost to the daily nutrients. 

⭐️ In winters, add to warm milk/nut milk for a rich comforting nightcap drink. 

⭐️ Or simply eat 2-3 spoonfuls as a pre/post workout snack straight out of the jar!

⭐️Sprinkle it on all your favourite salads or Buddha bowls.

⭐️You can also use it in your baking mixes to give it a healthy twist. 

⭐️Add to your breakfast, porridge bowls, sheera or literally anything.

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Questions Answered About Thandai Mix: Nuts & Superfood Mix

Q: What is the best way to consume it?

A: The best way to consume it is right out of the jar! You can consume it as a 'thandai' summer cooler, or add it to your favourite smoothies. It goes well with both, warm and cold beverages. A spoonful a day is excellent for growing kids - stir it up into their daily cuppa milk!

Q: Why is mishri being used as a sweetener?

A: Mishri or rock sugar is a naturally sweet substance produced by using the sugarcane plant - it is the purest form of sugar without any chemicals in it. It is an energy booster, improves fertility and helps relieve a sore throat too. We use Mishri as it is considered sattvic in nature, and medicinal in Ayurveda.

Q: Is it ideal for both, summers and winters

A: Yes, our Superfood Mix is ideal for consumption all around the year as it is well rounded and well-balanced. It has ingredients that are both warm (such as nuts and saffron) and cooling in nature (such as fennel seeds and rose). In winters, it is best consumed with warm milk, and in summers as a thandai.

Q: Can it be given to the elderly?

A: Yes, the Nuts and Seeds Superfoods Mix is great for all age groups. It is especially good for the elderly, as it is stone-ground and easy to consume either as a spoonful or added to daily meals/drinks for loved ones who may have difficulty in chewing whole nuts and seeds to get their essential nutrients.

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