Decoding Raw Mango Relish | Summer Special Mango Chutney | Green Mango Chutney 

Dear Sātmya family, 

It is officially summertime! And while the strong sun and long days drain us, we are super happy to announce that our Raw Mango Relish is back in stock! 



What is Raw Mango Relish?

Raw Mango Relish or more popularly known as Green Mango Chutney or Mango Chutney is the ultimate summer gift for our meals and tummy! It is a refreshing condiment that adds a tangy twist to any meal. 

Sātmya seasonal preserves are made from our farm-grown seasonal produce, whole fruits and its peels. Our artisanal mango relish jars are homemade with love in small batches, are 100% natural with zero preservatives, zero refined sugar, using only our organically-grown farm mangoes.

Our Sātmya Mango Chutney is made with organically-grown raw mangoes, melon seeds, dry dates, raisins, organic desi khandsari and indigenous spices. 

It is lovingly made fresh every week - so you can consume heartily for as long as the season lasts!

Hear from our companion who shares the joy of bringing these fresh mangoes to you!


Benefits of Mango Chutney or Raw Mango Relish 

Mangoes deserve all the love and more for being everybody's favourite summer fruit since childhood! But did you know that along with being so juicy and delicious, mangoes give us a myriad of essential vitamins such as A, B, C, K? They are great for digestion and shielding us from the sultry summer sun, too. 

🥭 Aids Digestion- Green mango or raw mango is known to be a great natural remedy to deal with GI issues and aids digestion. 

🥭Rich in Vitamin C- Mango is rich in Vitamin C that helps build immunity and prevents cell damage. 

🥭Prevents overheating: Raw mango is perfect for summertime as it helps keep the body cool and prevents overheating. 


How to Consume Raw Mango Relish?

A perfect blend of tangy and spicy - it works as an excellent side with meals! 

🥭a great dip to go along on your cheese boards

🥭as a snack on toast for breakfast spreads 

🥭adding it your lunch or dinner as a chutney 

🥭 replacing tomato ketchup for a tangy-sweet taste

🥭or simply for indulging in guilt-free with a spoon straight out of the jar!

Questions answered about Raw Mango Relish 


Q: Does it have any colourings?

A: Absolutely not! We do not use any artificial colourings, preservatives or additives to our mango chutney. 

Q: Does the Mango Chutney have any refined sugar?

A: Like every other farm product of ours, we do not use refined sugar in anything. Our raw mango chutney is sweet and spicy due to organic desi khandsari and our hand-pound spices. 

Q: Is it fresh?

A: Our Raw Mango Relish is made fresh in small batches on our farms and delivered to you without any preservatives. 

Enjoy the summer sun with a cooling spoonful of our Green Mango Chutney. Get your jar here

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