Decoding Arjuna Heart Elixir | Arjun Chaal Benefits | How to Consume Arjuna Heart Elixir


The Arjuna Tree, adorned with its distinctive rose-colored bark, widely graces the landscapes of India, but rarely do people know about its magical properties for the human heart. 

Decoding Arjuna Heart Elixir | Arjun Chaal

The Arjuna tree has been a part of the Ayurvedic practice book since 2500 BC. It has a special place in the ancient practice as being the ultimate natural remedy for cardiovascular diseases. Arjuna in Sanskrit means silver or shining, expressing the quality of the bark that peels naturally only once a year. 

It is believed that the Arjuna tree protects the vitality of the heart in the same way that Arjuna protected his family in the Mahabharata. 

Sātmya Arjuna Heart Elixir

Sātmya Arjuna Heart Elixir features the goodness of dried arjuna bark, dried ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and fennel seeds.

The bark of Arjuna tree is a well-known ingredient in herbal heart tonics. Often called the “guardian of the heart” in Ayurvedic texts; Arjun chaal or Arjuna-ki-chaal is naturally extracted from the Arjuna trees at our farm, making it a wholesome and all natural product, bottled for your nourishment. The Rasa (taste) of the Arjuna bark is astringent and bitter. But, we have balanced this taste by adding some of our ancient spices (listed below) that not only add an earthy flavour, but also blend well together from an ayurvedic perspective to add a plethora of benefits for the body.

The nature of Arjuna chaal is not inherently beneficial, but our careful addition of cinnamon helps maintain balance (taseer), while fennel contributes to reducing the overall heaviness (guru) of the blend. From an Ayurvedic perspective, these spices collaborate seamlessly, ensuring a holistic and well-rounded elixir that supports overall well-being.

  • Green Cardamom - A common flavouring agent, Cardamom is good for curing gastrointestinal problems
  • Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Cinnamon - Packed full of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties, supports immune health
  • Dry Ginger - Consuming ginger-based concoctions on an empty stomach could keep away many diseases and strengthen the immune system.
  • Fennel Seeds - They reduce inflammation and may help soothe swelling or irritation in the intestines and improve digestion

Arjuna Heart Elixir | Arjun Chaal Benefits 

  • The heart tonic is packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • It contains cardiac glycosides that strengthen the cardiac muscles and enhance the ability of the heart to pump blood. Arjun Chaal is an excellent cardio supplement to strengthen the heart muscles and, maintain healthy cholesterol, LDL, and Triglycerides. 
  • Due to its Hrdya (cardiac tonic) property, it helps maintain normal blood pressure and heart rate. It is also an antihypertensive which helps to reduce blood pressure.
  • It also has antibacterial properties and regulates gut motility.
  • It is an effective treatment for elevated blood pressure and heart palpitations. 
  • Arjuna bark stimulates blood circulation, stops bleeding, tones and strengthens the heart muscle.
  • Scientific studies have shown that the Arjuna bark  powder / Arjun Chaal could protect the heart from adverse effects by lowering the level of cortisol (stress hormone).
  • It also helps to lower chronic high blood pressure, manage high cholesterol, and modify lipid profile.
  • A lesser known benefit is that of it being helpful to manage lung problems such as infection, cough, asthma and bronchitis.
  • Apart from strengthening your heart - it helps cure ulcers, UTI and a 100+ more ailments, and thus makes for a great addition to your wellness routine!

How to Consume the Satmya Arjuna Heart Elixir 



  • Add 1 tsp (3g) in 100 ml water and cover with a lid, and bring to boil. Add 150 ml milk and slow boil till the mixture reduces to half. Strain and add natural sweetener as per taste. Drink warm.
  • You can also add 1 tsp while making your regular cup of tea. 
  • Boil and reduce it in water if you want to avoid milk. 

Tip: For maximum benefits, take half an hour after breakfast and avoid eating for one hour after taking

Though it is mostly consumed by those above the age of 40, it can also be consumed by younger people. But, it is important to consult your physician before adding this to your daily routine. 

Our Insta Live with Dr. Shyam Viswanathan Pillai where we talk about the benefits of Arjuna Heart Elixir and many more. 

Since the very start, our Arjuna Heart Elixir has been our hero creation for cardiovascular fitness. 

So go ahead, and get a jar for your loved ones here.

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Like with all herbal supplements, please consult your doctor before consuming especially for people with medical pre-conditions

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