Sātmya: How it all began


Growing up it was natural to see rabbits freely running around and birds of various colors perched on the mango tree.
We had an unlimited supply of fruits - mulberry, grapes, mangoes, lemon, gooseberry, guava, and jamun from our garden trees.
We grew up eating our farm vegetables untouched by fertilizers with a composite pit very much in place - the very definition of organic today. 

My favourite time of the day was when my mom was taking her afternoon nap and I was sneakily following my two brothers climbing on the jamun tree to get our daily dose of jamun returning with purple stains on our t shirts much to my mothers dismay. Every. single. day.

It was assumed that butter and ghee is taken out fresh at home - I mean, wasn’t that the only way? And our kitchen was (and still is more like the family room) where we still eat as a family while my mother whipped up the most delicious food complete with home made pickles and jams.

And with that also came the seasonal ‘tonics’ as she liked to refer to them. Tulsi mashed in yogurt and handed over deftly in my hand before I could say NO to be consumed immediately, neem balls at the start of spring and of course who can forget those endless wheat grass shots.

My parents loved to the travel, still do actually! When we were younger I remember us renting houses for one month at a stretch- Ranikhet, Nainital, Manali, Chail, Simla. It was always an adventure involving books, chess, horse riding surrounded in the midst of wilderness. 
As we got older we accompanied them on trips abroad, but my moms favourite pastime was always finding kitchen essentials (which I clearly didn’t understand at that time) which according to her could not be sourced from back home in India. Hence the 15 kg pulveriser packed in our luggage straight from the USA on one such trip.

But as a mother of a 6 year old today - going back to my mom with an urgency for veggies I’ve taken for granted all my life and all kinds of desi ‘nuskas’ for tired eyes for my LO (read too much screen time thanks for covid), endless supply of fresh neem giloy, home made kadha for immunity, ashwagandha to combat our high stress lifestyle, chyawanprash for immunity for my daughter - all the foods which were a part of my daily life and in endless supply now feel like a luxury, I value and stock up on.

And then the realisation that maybe my husband was right and I DID grow up in an urban bubble?! Even today small things like how to eat turmeric with pepper to help the body absorb the curcurmin of turmeric which may seem basic information - is not shared naturally. And of course the learning is constant.

As a mother myself I have an active and dire need to constantly learn and evolve to give the healthiest to my child given the pollution and health issues of today. And it’s every mother’s basic instinct.

So as my mommy brought my daily dose of curry leaves, carrot and pomegranate juice today, I asked her if she would allow me to rack her brain, farm and kitchen and use her knowledge over the years to share it with all of you.

Products entirely homegrown tested by my family over the years which we would love to pass on to all of you who are also passionate about health. Or maybe just starting your foray into the the journey of a healthy lifestyle but lost because the internet is too crowded to sieve through the multiple layers of information of what you need. Made in our home kitchen with a love and passion to create awareness of the traditional home remedies which capitalist companies will never propagate or if they do - they’ll sell without the passion of preserving these ingredients in their natural state. 

And in the process hope we can learn something from you too and make new products to benefit us all!

And hence grew the idea of Satmya. It derives from the sanskrit word and literally means "wholesome", agreeable to nature. In Ayurveda, it is also called the law of adaption or habituation. Satmya is a mindset to bring you the awareness and information behind each product we bring, why you should consume it and most importantly how.

Our products are Homemade, Handmade in small batches with Zero preservatives, every jar made with love which me and my family pop open anytime to consume!  

Call it farm to table, call it healthy, natural GMO, pesticide free - we called it Satyma because we’re happiest in our most peaceful state of mind while we’re growing and making these healthy foods which are agreeable and wholesome to nature as the word stands from it. Also, knowing we're leaving a larger impact than what can be seen by the eyes, being healthier on the inside, and stronger because natural foods is not a cure like an excedrin for a migraine but it cures the symptoms and thus makes the body stronger over time.

The backbone of Satmya is my mummy - whose made healthy eating a lifestyle and her biggest fan is my daughter, ask her about the chyawanprash! 

So Satmya is for ALL of you out there with the goal to slowly but steadily raise a healthy family in body and mind and going back to our roots whilst doing so!

Stay safe and healthy x




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