Herbal Home Cures for Kids

An increasing trend is that kids today develop more health problems than before. The reason is not just limited to climate change or growing pollution but also includes the life they lead, the food they eat, and the lack of access to food that are natural immunity boosters. Children, by nature, are curious eaters, and it is essential that while we fulfill that curiosity, we do not forget to give them nourishing food that protects them from pollution and viral and bacterial infections.

“Children these days face two major problems- allergies and gut disorders. The overall immunity has gone down” says Doctor Vignesh Devraj MD (Ay), founder and chief physician of Sitaram Beach Retreat, Kerala.

Having a healthy immune system is the key to a happy and flourishing childhood. And in time such as these, we often find ourselves turning back to natural and home cures that are safe, tried and tested and passed down from generations.

Here are a few things that you can try to save you a trip to the paediatrician and controlling the symptoms before it gets worse. 

 At the Sātmya farm, one guiding principle is to make honest, pure, and transparent creations good for your child's physical and mental well-being.

At the Sātmya farm, one guiding principle is to make honest, pure, and transparent creations good for your child's physical and mental well-being.

1. A spoonful of Chyawanprash everyday

A pure Amla Rasayan, Chyawanprash is overloaded with Vitamin C and it is a natural immunity booster. Our Satmya Chyawanprash is made with freshly grown Amla (gooseberry) and 48 ingredients cooked in fresh farm ghee, bull-driven sesame oil, and raw forest natural honey. This Ayurvedic "elixir of life" also improves digestion, increases hemoglobin levels, and provides overall physical and mental well-being. It should be taken after meals for overweight kids and on an empty stomach for underweight kids.

2. Amla Murabba for the Vitamin C dose

Consuming Amla can prevent and cures respiratory problems such as cough, cold, bronchitis and asthma while maintaining gut flora. With seasonal allergies on the high, it is important that children have atleast one amla every day to keep the allergies at bay.

3. A healthy intake of Nuts and seeds mix

Rich in antioxidants, having a suoperfood mix builds up cell membranes in our body and protects them from oxidative damage. Growing up, it is important that children get nutrients such as zinc, copper and magnesium that build bone health, improve mineral density, and provide fiber and protein. Additionally, the nuts mix is a powerhouse that also eases the digestion process. It can be consumed right from the jar or added to your child’s cup of milk, salad bowl, cookies or pancakes- the options are endless!

4. An immunity booster- Kadhas

Kadhas are a great immunity-booster, especially during winter and flu season. Our Ganga Jamun kadha can be given to absorb nature in the body, during the monsoons. Its goodness of fourteen adaptogenic herbs and spices makes it extremely helpful in relieving cold and cough symptoms.

5. Take a muslin potli with a sauté of two warming spices: ajwain and garlic, and place it in your child’s room. This helps keeps the nasal passage open while sleeping.

6. Take out fresh ginger juice and mix it with a tsp of raw honey and give it to your child once in a day. This is an excellent expectorant and will prevent the cough from settling in.

7. If your kid catches cold it is important to provide the body some warmth with some mustard oil and some burnt garlic in it. Rub this on their chest, soles, belly button (clock-wise and anti-clockwise), and on the sides of the nose as they sleep.

Even while we use these homemade cures to relieve the symptoms, an important step is prevention in the first place. Taking care of the lifestyle of the child, sugar intake, monitor what they are eating and ensuring physical activity is equally important. It is important to know the personality and nature of your child and alter their food according to that- If your child is low on energy, give them foods that are high on prana (closer to nature) and if your child is high on energy or hyperactive, give them foods that are more grounding. There is no ‘one shoe fits all’ approach when it comes to the health of your child and as parents the idea should be to understand their needs before trying anything and everything.


To learn more on how we can take care of our children as per Ayurveda do watch our discussion with Dr. Vignesh Devraj.



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