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Dear Sātmya family, as we enjoy the summer season, it’s time to experiment with flavors that are rooted in tradition and extremely beneficial for the summer season. 

Gulkand is a concoction rooted in Persian heritage, where the word “Gul” signifies flower and “kand” means sweet. This delightful blend of roses and sugar originated in the ancient Persian Empire, but, over the centuries has travelled throughout the Indian subcontinent to capture the hearts and palates of people. 

How do we make our Sātmya Gulkand?

Gulkand is our summer specialty that is made in small batches throughout the season. It is made from our farm-grown pink damask rose petals that are sun-baked and mixed with organic khand, raw forest honey, and digestive spices such as fennel and cardamom. 

Benefits of Gulkand

Beyond the mesmerizing taste, Gulkand is a treasure trove of benefits, some of which are-
  1. Naturally Cooling and Soothing: Gulkand has natural cooling properties that make it an ideal summer companion. It balances the body’s internal heat, providing relief from heat-related ailments. 
  2. Digestive Aid: Gulkand aids in digestion and is excellent if you have excessive gas, bloating, and acidity. It also promotes a healthy gut and regular bowel movement. 
  3. Skin Rejuvenation: Gulkand is known for its ability to purify blood and leave your skin radiant and glowing. It will also help in reducing skin blemishes and promote a healthy complexion with its richness in Vitamin C. 
  4. Manage PCOD: Gulkand is great for those suffering from PCOD as it helps in regulating hormones. The anti-inflammatory properties of Gulkand reduce chronic inflammation, a symptom of PCOD. 
  5. Haemoglobin Booster: Those with low haemoglobin can benefit hugely from regular consumption of Gulkand. As rose petals are rich in Iron, it helps in battling iron deficiency and anaemia. It is also rich in antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress and maintain healthy levels of RBCs (red blood cells). 

How to consume Gulkand?

Our jar of Sātmya Gulkand allows you to be experimentative and use the sweet delight with anything you like. You can have one tablespoon daily or add it to your shakes, lassi, thandai, or lemonade. 
As Gulkand is good for children, especially in summer, add a dollop of it to their ice cream bowl and make it their favourite summer treat. 

Here are our favourite Gulkand Recipes that make for a delightful treat-

  1. Gulkand Paan: Paan leaves with grated coconut, a generous dollop of Gulkand, cardamom, fennel, and clove to pin this sweet Indian after-dinner treat. View recipe here 
  2. Gulkand Lemonade: This recipe is as simple as it gets, make your favourite fresh lemonade in a glass and add one tablespoon of Gulkand to this summer drink. It also acts as a cure for acidity and cleaning the gut. View recipe here
  3. Gulkand Thandai: Use our Nuts and Seeds Superfood Mix and Gulkand with cold milk to make a delicious and health rose thandai. View recipe here
  4. Gulkand Kashmiri Kahwa: Relish the original Kashmiri Kahwa with our farm special Gulkand by boiling water with 2-3 strands of saffron and a small piece of Ceylon cinnamon. To this, add one teaspoon of our Gulkand which is already infused with cardamom and fennel and consume when warm. 



Get your jar of Gulkand here and let us know how you are enjoying this summer special. 

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