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Gifting, for us, is an extension of the very meaning of ‘Sātmya’- wholesome and grounding ourselves in nature. It is a simple thought to find you a gift that comes from the hands of local artisans across India who stitch your potlis, block print and handcraft your candles and from women who tirelessly work on our farm to grow, shade dry the products and hand make your jars. It is the pursuit to curate a sustainable and handcrafted gift that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.  It is everything Sātmya stands for and believes in.

Our festive gift boxes are a gentle reminder to focus on health and wellness- of yourself and your loved ones. 



Why Sātmya festive boxes?

Ever the since the conception of our farm-based business, we have loved to be a part of your special occasions. From intimate events to bigger celebrations, we cherish the custom of personalized and sustainable gifts that has been passed to us through generations. And with gifting being such an integral part of Diwali, we wanted to ensure we take care of your personal and corporate Diwali gifting needs.

Like all our farm offerings, every product in our festive gift boxes is also wholly handmade, artisanal, and homemade in small batches. Filled with love and healthy products for you and yours.

More than just being a festive box, the box aligns with our ethos- one of keeping Sātmya a zero-waste and sustainable brand. The products can be reused and upcycled as anything (your creativity is the limit!). From the scented soy candles in metal jars, the mango wood candle jars, neem wood spoon, muslin tote or the handmade paper boxes- everything has a second life. 



Our candle jars are designed by us and sourced from artisans across India. Once you have enjoyed the paraben-free spicy scented soy candles or our offerings, the metal and glass jars and mango wood bowls can be used as a keepsake box for your trinkets, storing nuts, and much more. 



When you are done, the paper boxes become one with our mother earth, where they come from - so just bury them with your plants or use them as the foundation for new seedlings and small planters in your garden. Additionally, they can also be used for storing your belongings, knick-knacks or stationery and becoming a piece of table décor.

All our products are packed in love with our soft, block printed, and reusable muslin tote bag or potli. The tote bag can become your go-to carry-on for veggies shopping or a trip to the departmental store- a solution to reducing your carbon footprint. Our muslin potlis can be used to store your precious jewellery and as an ideal bag to take out fresh nut milk. 



To give a gift truly from your heart, we also give you the option to customize the gift boxes according to your budget and needs. You can choose any Sātmya offerings- our iconic fermented Ashwagandha brew, nut and seed mix, neem giloy brew and much more to make a package that you and your loved one would enjoy. You can also customize the packages with your company logo for your corporate Diwali gifting needs. Gift your employees, clients, or prospects a touch of authentic wellness. 

In all, our gifting bundle comes straight from the earth- to heal us from within and spread the message of positivity and a holistic lifestyle. 

Choose to nourish yourself and your loved ones this festive season with a thoughtful and all-natural gift!

Do let us know in the comments below how you use our products and how you would like to amp it up! 





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